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Perfect Pear - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you start a business using Pears?
A. In the 1980’s I lived in Lake County California which has been known as the Pear Capital of the World. Having planted an over abundance of vegetables I traded with my neighbors for their Bartlett Pears and began making things with pears and made a batch of Cinnamon Pear Jelly which became an instant hit amongst family, friends and all that tasted it. I left Lake County but continued to travel over the mountain at harvest time each year and gave the much love jelly to family, friends and co-workers. 10 years ago for the first time I didn’t make any. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer so I assisted her through her treatment. When Christmas came a few months later my co-workers came by my office for the annual treat only to walk away with long faces and no jelly. Surprised by the disappointed I started my research and entered the gourmet food business in 1998.

Q. What is your number one seller?
A. That would be our Pear Chipotle Grill Sauce. It was the 2005 1st place award winner at the Fiery Food Challenge. This product has so many loyal supporters. We have restaurants that use this product on their menu. My favorite, Saffron Risotto with asparagus and topped with grilled salmon that has been marinated in our sauce and garnished with some flat leaf parsley. It is used as an appetizer, salad dressing, dessert sauce and of course a grill sauce. Some customers say they put it on everything and one customer says “just hook me up to an IV”.

Q. Which products are 0 points?
A. The Ginger Pear Salad Dressing and Ginger Pear Marinade. The Ginger Pear Salad Dressing is only 10 calories per serving and 0 fat. This dressing is big on ginger with the delicate flavor of pears. Made with organic ingredients it adds zip to a salad. The Ginger Pear Marinade is excellent with my favorite Boco Burgers instead on mayo, mustard & ketchup or use in a meatloaf.

Q. What is your Gourmet Club?
A. The gourmet club works just like a wine club where as you receive a selection of products shipped right to your door every other month. Each shipment is $45.00 and comes with a select kitchen must have, recipes and products.

Q. Do you offer any kind of corporate gifting?
We have many different gift sets, from a two jar gift set to an extraordinary full product line gift basket available at all price levels for corporate gifting. We ship all packages out for you to alleviate the hassle. Personalized gift cards are available.

Q. Do you have any packages for employee incentives?
Absolutely! We just launched our Napa Valley Corporate Birthday Club. Employers simply submit their employees’ birthdays, and we have a gift package of our Buttermilk pancake mix, Cinnamon Pear Maple Syrup and a jar of our award winning Cinnamon Pear Jelly, nicely wrapped and delivered to their desk on their special day.

Q. What makes A Perfect Pear stand out from the competition?
Elegant packaging, award winning creations and the fact that we are the only company in the industry that uses pears as their primary ingredient are a few things that catapult us above the rest.

Q. Has A Perfect Pear been featured on any TV programs?
A Perfect Pear was featured on The Secret Life of… Bread Spreads with Jim O’Connor.
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