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Testimonials from our customers

Salmon is not something I normally crave, even though my wife is always pushing it for health reasons. But after tasting salmon prepared with your Pear Chipotle Grill Sauce, that has all changed. It made the BEST salmon I have ever tasted and even tastes great the next day for lunch!

R. Petry, WA

I was a hero last night thanks to A Perfect Pear From Napa Valley’s Pear Chipotle Grill Sauce. Here’s what I did:
Use 1 Filet Mignon. Marinate Filet in your Pear Chipotle Grill Sauce for 4 Hours. Saute Marinated Filet on relatively high heat in Peanut Oil and brown on all sides in metal frying pan. The meat will almost candy. Place pan in 375 degree oven until almost done to your desired rareness. Pour additional Chipotle Grill Sauce over steak and take it out of the oven when the sauce is getting brown and even more candied...just a few minutes.

Mix softened Wisconsin’s Buttermilk Blue Cheese with Chipotle Grill Sauce a make a thick creamy cheesy paste. Spread paste over cooked steak and be prepared to be a hero to your guests. This was just marvelous. Thank you for making such marvelous products Susan!

Warm best, Barrie Lynn - The Cheese Impresario

I had a bad experience with ginger when I was young, and haven't been able to eat it ever since. While I'm willing try anything once, I could not see myself ever using the ginger products in my own food. I gave them to my parents instead, because they both love ginger, and I knew they'd use it. Last night I went to their house for dinner, and my stepfather made his famous salmon. The whole house was filled with a delectable fragrance, and I was famished. Out of the broiler came four gorgeous fillets with a beautiful yellow-gold crust. My stepfather had obviously forgotten my aversion to ginger and coated the fish in the Spicy Ginger Pear Mustard! I was resigned to eating just salad for dinner, but when a teeny-tiny speck of fish fell onto the counter, I picked it up and popped it in my mouth.

Later that night, as I lounged in a Ginger Pear Salmon-induced food coma, I contemplated the thought that I had just eaten ginger for the first time in over ten years, and loved it.

The Spicy Ginger Pear mustard is back in MY fridge. My parent's will have to get their own jar. :)

K P Sonoma, CA

I received my order promptly. Thank you. I also must say that it came so well packaged; almost like receiving expensive jewelry! Everything was carefully and individually wrapped in paper and bubble, the entire shipment was carefully wrapped in paper and set with a seal. Such a nice presentation! Very good job.

W T Long Beach, CA

Saw your Champagne Pear Vinaigrette sitting on a shelf in Hawaii when I was there vacationing last week and my fetish for good salad dressings drove me to purchase it and bring it home with me to Canada.

I just tried it for the first time... and I think I've fallen in love!! It's the most amazing taste. I can't get over it!! I'm bragging about it to all of my friends. My church has a little section called "The Best of the Best" where people send in reviews on products that want to recommend to others. Of course, I had to send this one in. My friend in California is now going to be on the lookout for it so she can bring more for me when she comes and visits at Christmas (if you could point her in a direction in San Jose, that would be great). I want to try all the products now! hahahhaa.

It's a great product, and the ingredient list reads like a home recipe. It makes you feel great knowing that you're eating such a healthy, high-quality product. And best of all, I always have a soft spot for people who are not all about profiting for themselves. So your donations to children's charities is very close to my heart (I love children!!).

I just wanted to send this compliment to you to let you know that I hope you continue to expand and grow. I'm going to start buying this stuff and giving it out as gifts to all my friends.

SC Vancouver BC

Hello. I have placed two orders with you in recent weeks. Just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I spoke to one of your representatives on the telephone. In our conversation, we got to chatting about logistics and I said I only recently moved to Bremerton, WA, after living most of my life in Vacaville, CA. We found it was a small world; he was raised in Bellingham, WA. I failed to write down his name, but he was a very friendly person, very pleasant, and shared a lot of information about your products.

He asked if I would let him know how I enjoyed your products after the holiday weekend, specifically, the Chipotle Grill Sauce (that I tried over brie as recommended) and the Citrus Soy Marinade (which I used on chicken.) INCREDIBLE! My husband and I and our guests that evening were so impressed. I enjoy cooking and do many of my own things from scratch. However, if it can come out of a bottle and taste THAT good, why go to the trouble? :o) Hence, the two orders I've placed since then. :o) I have to also commend you on your packaging. Everything came beautifully wrapped. I can only imagine how beautiful your gift packaging is!!! You are an AAA+ company with whom to deal! Thank you so much!

Theresa and Greg Steinkraus, Bremerton, WA

I was looking for salad dressing that had no added sodium, low carb and tastes great. I discovered your Ginger Pear Salad Dressing at Whole Foods and all I can say is, “I Love your Ginger Pear Salad Dressing!”

Paul Cooper VP Universal Music Los Angeles, CA

The bridal favors are wonderful! Thank you so much, especially to Katheryn who was so helpful and caring during the order and shipment process. Her professionalism and warmth made me feel very comfortable about my custom order. They arrived Friday just as Katheryn told me they would. It was so nice of her to take the time to track the shipment and let me know in advance when it was expected to deliver. I have already received compliments from people who have seen them and I am sure they will be the hit of the party. Not only do they look good but they taste good too. I will definitely recommend your products to family and friends.

Carmen Hudson, Mattituck, NY

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